Sure, stereotypes aren’t always accurate. However, they’re everywhere. It’s good to take a look at yourself every once in a while and take stock of what your things say about you. One of the most prominent of these is your car. Cars say a lot about a person, whether or not it’s completely accurate.

Image via Flickr by M 93

Image via Flickr by M 93

Minis are Sophisticated

Minis are becoming more popular in the United States as time goes by. These cars offer a unique perspective on the person driving them. First, if you drive a mini, it’s assumed you don’t have kids, or at least not many. Since there’s not a ton of room, getting carseats in the back isn’t easy. Plus, minis are seen as sophisticated cars. They bring to mind European nations, and the sophistication that many Americans feel is exclusive to those areas. If you want to be seen as a sophisticated adult, consider a mini.

Vans Designate Parents

Are you driving around a seven, 10, or even 12 passenger van? If so, it shouldn’t come as any surprise that others see you as a parent with a ton of kids. The soccer mom-vibe comes from some of the traditional mini-vans, such as the Town and Country. These vans are good for hauling stuff, but they’re best for hauling people. If you want the soccer mom vibe, get a van. The more stickers you have on the back, the more likely you are to be pegged as the soccer mom.

Hybrids are Environmentally Conscious

Most people who buy a hybrid car are doing so because they are worried about their carbon footprint. There are a few other reasons to get these cars, such as the better gas mileage. Great gas mileage will save you money at the pump, making it the perfect car for anyone who is worried about their pocket book. However, these cars come with the view that you are a tree-hugging hippie. Today, you can get hybrid versions of many cars, from standard commuters to vans and SUVs. Stereotypes get confused when larger cars are hybrid, however.

Sports Cars are Status Symbols

Anyone driving a Corvette is either trying to gain status, or show their status off to the world. Sports cars aren’t cheap to purchase or to drive. The maintenance on a sports car is significantly more expensive than a commuter car. In many cases a beautiful new sports car is driven by business owners, managers, and anyone else who wants the world to know they have money. However, sports cars are also well-known as a midlife crisis purchase, so if you’re in your 40s or 50s driving one of these – especially if it’s bright yellow — everyone will assume you’re going through a crisis.

Whether you want to believe it or not, your car says a lot about you to others. If you’re worried about what your car says, consider the car you’re driving. In many cases, you’re likely to be perfectly fine with the message sent. Whether you fit the stereotypes or not is completely up to you.