Night Driving - Granite FordNight driving is considerably different than driving during the day. When your eyes are suddenly struck by a burst of someone’s high beams, it can be annoying and dangerous. Your depth perception is worse during low-light driving and the risks are high.

We’ve got a couple quick tips that can help you stay safe while cruising around after dark. A lot of vehicles automatically dim the instrument panel lights automatically, but we highly recommend this practice.

If you haven’t ever tried to do this on your vehicle, consult your owner’s manual for specific instructions. Most of the time, there is a slider on the dashboard near the steering wheel – or in some cases a knob on the instrument panel itself.

Another quick tip: Do not fall for any phony-bologna night glasses that will supposedly help your visibility. Multiple studies have shown that these glasses do not help people see better or drive better at night. One last tip: Always make sure to drive near or a couple miles below the speed limit, especially on dark or curvy roads.

At night, objects appear quickly – and your reaction time might be delayed when it comes to braking quickly.

Check back often for more great tips on how to stay safe out on the open road.