dirty-carEveryone wants to take pride in the things they own, including your car. In order to feel the greatest towards your car, we would prefer it to be clean. Sometimes though, we can tend to focus too much on the exterior of our car, and forget about the interior. We have collected several steps on how to best clean the interior of your car:

1. First, remove all trash from your car as well as any items that don’t belong in the car. This includes any loose items such as wrappers, empty bags, cans, as well as items that could just be taking up excess space in our car be it clothing, or heavier items. Keep in mind, the heavier the item in your car is, the more it could potentially be increasing your fuel efficiency and gas mileage. No one wants that.

2. Vacuum out your interior. It’s amazing what a change can be made with just a little vacuuming. For this, it is best to use a stronger vacuum, as to remove all the debris in the tight spots that surround your interior.

3. Use some car-product manufactured cleaning materials such as the wipes made by Armor All. Clean all around the interior parts such as the steering wheel, seats, and of course, don’t forget the dashboard.

4. Clean the inside of your windshield. This can too often be overlooked, and should not be, as it too can certainly get dirty. Use some glass cleaner such as Windex and paper towels, you will be seeing straight ahead again!

If you follow these helpful hints, you will once again take full pride in your vehicle and be ready to show it off to all your friends.