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Dogs make great driving companions. Rover will never beg you to change the radio or complain about your performance behind the wheel. But your pooch can destroy your car’s interior if you’re not careful. Read on to discover some easy ways to stop dog-inflicted damage to your car’s interior. 1. Keep Your Dog’s Nails Short […]

Buying a new car brings up many difficult questions. These six tips will help you find a car that fits your budget and lifestyle. 1. Compare Fuel Efficiency When considering which vehicles match your budget, you should think about long-term costs as well as how much you have to spend at the dealership. A car […]

It’s time to get your favorite gear-head a gift. You understand what they’re passionate about but you can’t afford a new car. Not to worry, there are plenty of gifts that they’ll love. You just need to think like they do. However, in case that doesn’t work out too well for you, here are some idea […]

Inspecting, adjusting, and maintaining important car parts are the ideal ways to ensure a smooth ride, avoid premature part failure, and eliminate costly repairs. Whether you choose to do it yourself or take your car to an automotive shop, there are a number of car parts you need to check on a regular basis. Checking […]

When it’s time for new tires, most consumers rely on experts in the auto industry to tell them what kind of tires they need. Once they’re installed you go happily along your way. However, what if you were educated about types of tires and what all those little numbers on the sides mean? Welcome to […]

Sure, stereotypes aren’t always accurate. However, they’re everywhere. It’s good to take a look at yourself every once in a while and take stock of what your things say about you. One of the most prominent of these is your car. Cars say a lot about a person, whether or not it’s completely accurate. Minis […]

Remember those days you would pull away from the gas station and not feel like you gave away part of your child’s tuition? When gas prices were well below $3.00 a gallon? Since those days are long gone, it seems the only viable option now is to find a gas station around you that offers […]

Everyone wants to take pride in the things they own, including your car. In order to feel the greatest towards your car, we would prefer it to be clean. Sometimes though, we can tend to focus too much on the exterior of our car, and forget about the interior. We have collected several steps on […]

Tires deflate. Unfortunately, this is just a part of driving a car. Tire manufacturers around the world are constantly working on developing new and better technology that can help drivers avoid fluctuations in tire pressure, but changes still occur. When your tires are properly inflated, your vehicle benefits from improved fuel efficiency. Gas prices continue […]

Night driving is considerably different than driving during the day. When your eyes are suddenly struck by a burst of someone’s high beams, it can be annoying and dangerous. Your depth perception is worse during low-light driving and the risks are high. We’ve got a couple quick tips that can help you stay safe while […]