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If you’re in the New England area, there is plenty of history for the entire family to enjoy. Whether you want to visit a petting zoo or go to the highest peak in New Hampshire, you have your options. These five landmarks or historical sites offer an interesting look at some of America’s storied past. […]

Designing and manufacturing a car is not an easy process, and it’s also not usually not very environmentally friendly either. The auto industry may not be known for being stewards of the environment yet, but Ford’s initiatives are working to change that. Ford started from the inside out to make their company more environmentally friendly […]

An American stalwart since 1903, Ford is responsible for some of the country’s most memorable cars. The Model T is possibly the most iconic auto in the world, while the GT40 managed to humiliate Ferrari at Le Mans. It is of little wonder that car lovers eagerly anticipate the company’s new arrivals each year. Here […]

Although New Hampshire is the fifth-smallest state in America, it’s rich in history and full of things to do. Bordering Massachusetts, Vermont, Maine, and Quebec, New Hampshire offers skiing, hiking, and historical sites for visitors to enjoy. Hanover In 2011 CNN named Hanover the sixth best place to live in America. Hanover is perfect for […]

Since it’s founding in 1903, Ford has come out with innovative cars and has continued to improve on its models. If you’re considering buying a Ford, check out these top models on the market right now. 1. Fusion Hybrid   US News reports the Ford Fusion Hybrid to be one of the top affordable mid-sized […]

Driving is one of the best ways to travel to your New England destination because it allows you to stop and discover the hidden gems of New England. These towns offer a relaxing and quiet atmosphere as you discover the magic of the Northeast. Newport, Rhode Island Off Route 138 you’ll discover the quaint city […]

Teens feel like they’re invincible, which is why they’re more likely than other age groups to engage in risky driving behavior. They are also most likely to get into car accidents. As a parent, you do the best you can to instill safe driving habits in your teens. However, you can’t force them to drive […]

Rochester, New Hampshire is not the most exciting place in the world, but it is a great place to live. One of the things that makes it a great place to live is all of the fun and exciting attractions that are within driving distance. Pack up the car, turn up the music, and head […]

New Hampshire is full of scenic byways and beautiful parks. There are many campgrounds located throughout the state, including State Park campgrounds. Take a road trip and stay at one of the best campgrounds New Hampshire has to offer. Harbor Hill Camping Area Dedicated to friendly service and cleanliness, Harbor Hill staff will be happy to […]

The very mention of leasing versus buying a vehicle sparks a lively (and, at times, heated) debate among both consumers and sales professionals. Some people swear by leasing, while others believe it’s a scam and buying is the only way to go. In reality, both leasing and buying have true advantages. It depends on what […]