Gifts for Car Lovers - Granite Ford

Image via Flickr by bradleygee

It’s time to get your favorite gear-head a gift. You understand what they’re passionate about but you can’t afford a new car. Not to worry, there are plenty of gifts that they’ll love. You just need to think like they do. However, in case that doesn’t work out too well for you, here are some idea that are guaranteed to get their motors revving.

1. Portable Back-Up Camera

This is the perfect gift for the guy who needs a better view when hooking up a trailer. They come with magnets so they can be easily affixed to a tailgate, giving the driver up front the perfect view on his handheld 2.5-inch color monitor. They even come with night vision. Not bad for less than $250.

2. Portable Battery Jump-Starter

Car lovers hate it when misfortune strikes and a battery dies on them. Fortunately, there’s the perfect gift you can give them that will erase all fear. Get a high quality portable battery jump-starter, preferably one with 500 amps of continuous power – that peaks up to 1000 amps. That will get any car, truck, boat or RV back up in going in no time. They usually come with 120-psi air compressors so they inflate their tires as well. Be sure it comes with a 120-volt AC charger so that they can recharge it using a household extension cord. Shouldn’t set you back more than $70.

3. GoLink iPod Cable

Gear-heads are gadget guys by nature, so give him the perfect gift that will feed both obsessions – the GoLink iPod Cable. With this they can use their Apple handheld device to view a complete picture of the car’s computer. With the help of a free app he can view and figure-out trouble codes, diagnose problems by himself, and monitor a host of other parameters. This little gizmo only costs $99.

4. Accutire Digital Pressure Gauge

Strange, but true: the right tire pressure enhances safety, saves fuel, and lengthens the life of a tire. With so much on the line your car-lover will want to verify his levels at least once a month, and this is the perfect gift to make this little chore quick, easy, and accurate. And for $15 you can buy one for yourself as well.

5. Piloti Driving Shoes

If your car enthusiast is serious about his obsession then he’ll appreciate these shoes for the way they make him feel like a true racing pro. The rounded heels of the Piloti driving shoes assist in creating the perfect heel-to-toe downshift. You can get the original Spyder for $75 or go for the Corsa for $180. They come in suede with a Nomex liner

6. Craftsman Cordless Impact Driver

Help the car-lover in your life break open the toughest lug nuts with this 19.2-volt motor impact driver that can generate 200 lb-ft of torque. A great buy at $100.

There are plenty of gimmicky products you can get for the man with the car, but he’s bound to appreciate something that allows him to use it with the car in a productive way.