Why the Ford Edge is worth the price tag

Image via Flickr by GabboT

In the increasingly competitive crossover market, old indicators like price don’t tell the whole story. There are more expensive crossovers that are getting left in the dust, just as there are more affordable models that offer a lot of excellent upgrades from previous years. The 2015 Ford Edge is the case in point, packing a lot of brains and power in a sleek design for a price that’s lower than many competitors, but fair for all of its new features.

Smart Safety

Some ultra-modern safety features have been standard in luxury vehicles for years, but crossovers like the Edge prove that there’s plenty of tech injected into more economical cars. The Edge sports safety upgrades like park assist and collision warning, quickly setting a new standard in the safety field. It also features cutting-edge safety innovations like inflatable seatbelts for second-row passengers, proven to significantly reduce the likelihood of injury in a frontal collision.

EcoBoost Engines

There are three engine loadouts available in the 2015 Edge. One is a middle-of-the-road 3.5-liter V6 capable of delivering 256 hp, but the more attractive systems are the bookend EcoBoost engines, which average 300 hp and 245 hp, respectively. The EcoBoost is great because it’s a smaller, lighter engine that’s competitive with larger loadouts in terms of power while offering 20% improved fuel efficiency and reduced greenhouse gas emissions.

Spacious Interior

The 2015 Edge is a bit larger than its predecessors, but with the jump in bulk comes an increase in interior space. It still has a four-door, five-seat configuration. Those seats have been better engineered to be thinner but more supportive, providing more leg room overall. Some optional interior features include heated steering wheel and cooled seats.

Sport and Titanium Trim

Ford heard demand for top luxury upgrades, and Ford responded by bringing the Edge into the Titanium trim level that has been such a success with perennial favorites like the Fusion and Escape. This means some nice cosmetic upgrades for the interior, such as aluminum detailing and suede seat inserts.

The Edge also has a sport model available with a tighter suspension, roll cage, and 21-inch wheels.

Exterior Improvements

The 2015 Edge comes with some nifty exterior features that, like many other aspects of the vehicle, feel like luxury trim made standard. This includes active grille shutters to improve fuel economy, 180 degree frontal cameras with built-in washers for easy maintenance, and LED tail lights. All of these improvements fit in an altogether sleeker, sportier design that’s a complete revamp from previous models.

All together, the sheer newness of the 2015 Ford Edge justifies the starting pricetag of $28,000. It has unique features that don’t appear in same-class competitors like the Nissan Murano or anything from the Hyundai subcompact SUV line. The Edge brings luxury safety and interior perks to a standard, affordable package and it beats just about all comparable vehicles in terms of fuel efficiency. It’s a top pick for the year to come and a bold, new direction for Ford’s take on the┬áCUV stage.