Image via Flickr by kthrn

Image via Flickr by kthrn

If you’re in the New England area, there is plenty of history for the entire family to enjoy. Whether you want to visit a petting zoo or go to the highest peak in New Hampshire, you have your options. These five landmarks or historical sites offer an interesting look at some of America’s storied past.

Shaker Community: Canterbury

Canterbury, New Hampshire is home to one of the oldest intact and surviving Shaker communities in the United States. Founded in the 19th century, the Shaker community is now a National Historic Landmark. Visitors can experience the forests, fields, and ponds surrounding 25 original buildings and four reconstructed Shaker buildings. Through tours, programs, and exhibits, families and individuals can come experience a Shaker lunch or dinner and learn about this historic place. continue reading…

Image via Flickr by MSVG

Image via Flickr by MSVG

Designing and manufacturing a car is not an easy process, and it’s also not usually not very environmentally friendly either. The auto industry may not be known for being stewards of the environment yet, but Ford’s initiatives are working to change that. Ford started from the inside out to make their company more environmentally friendly and to lower their carbon footprint. One of Ford’s main initiatives is fuel efficiency for its six-speed vehicles and its heavy duty vehicles, not just for the hybrids. Since it’s not enough to make the cars more environmentally friendly, Ford works to increase energy efficiency at its manufacturing plants as well.

Sustainable Fabrics

Ford shows its environmental consciousness in many facets of its vehicles. When engineering the 2008 Ford Escape, the company only used recycled materials for the fabric of the car. Interface Fabrics, which supplies Ford with its recycled continue reading…

An American stalwart since 1903, Ford is responsible for some of the country’s most memorable cars. The Model T is possibly the most iconic auto in the world, while the GT40 managed to humiliate Ferrari at Le Mans. It is of little wonder that car lovers eagerly anticipate the company’s new arrivals each year. Here are four models from the class of 2015 to look out for.

Ford Mustang: A Car Worth Waiting For

Image via Flickr by qJake

Image via Flickr by qJake

Car and Driver describes the Ford Mustang as one of 25 cars worth waiting for and as one of their favorite cars in its class. A quick look at the 2015 Mustang makes it easy to see why. Classic pony car styling and heritage looks complement a V6 engine, a 2.3-liter turbo four-cylinder, and an independent rear suspension. The 2015 Mustang comes in either convertible or coupe form and in colors ranging from competition orange to deep impact blue. The price will start at a reasonable $23,600. continue reading…

Image via Flickr by Brave Sir Robin

Image via Flickr by Brave Sir Robin

Although New Hampshire is the fifth-smallest state in America, it’s rich in history and full of things to do. Bordering Massachusetts, Vermont, Maine, and Quebec, New Hampshire offers skiing, hiking, and historical sites for visitors to enjoy.


In 2011 CNN named Hanover the sixth best place to live in America. Hanover is perfect for family vacations, outdoor adventures, and romantic getaways. The Appalachian Trail passes through Hanover, and the city offers shopping, restaurants to suit any taste, and views of the Connecticut River. Check out some sports action at Dartmouth College during your trip, or at least walk around the stunning campus.  continue reading…

Since it’s founding in 1903, Ford has come out with innovative cars and has continued to improve on its models. If you’re considering buying a Ford, check out these top models on the market right now.

1. Fusion Hybrid


Image via Flickr by amateur photography by michel

Image via Flickr by amateur photography by michel

US News reports the Ford Fusion Hybrid to be one of the top affordable mid-sized cars. This quiet car gets 47 miles to the gallon on both city and highway, making it both eco-friendly and easy on the wallet at the gas pump. Reviewers say it feels upscale, and the interior comes equipped with lots of space, bluetooth, voice commands, and multiple ways to play music.

2. F-150

The F-150 has been one of the top pickup trucks for years, and Ford delivers year after year on this quality model. The F-150 has multiple configurations, meaning you can buy the version of this full-size pickup that best fits your needs, whether that be an extra-large cab or something great for off roading. Four engines give the F-150 a considerable amount of power, and four-wheel drive is available on all models. continue reading…

Image via Flickr by 6SN7

Image via Flickr by 6SN7

Driving is one of the best ways to travel to your New England destination because it allows you to stop and discover the hidden gems of New England. These towns offer a relaxing and quiet atmosphere as you discover the magic of the Northeast.

Newport, Rhode Island

Off Route 138 you’ll discover the quaint city of Newport, Rhode Island. This town features giant mansions for the wealthy, but it also features that famous New England charm with the picturesque feel of a fishing town right out of a storybook.

While passing through, stop at Cliff Walk and view breathtaking mansions and vistas as you walk the paved path. The end of the trail is unpaved and along the shoreline, giving you some of the most gorgeous views of the Atlantic Ocean.  continue reading…

Teen Safety Driving Program

Image via Flickr by State Farm

Car crashes are the leading cause of death for teens in the United States. The most dangerous time is during the first 12 months of driving, and most teen accidents are due to inexperience. Most states’ teen driving restrictions and safety programs don’t adequately prepare or protect teen drivers from common crash risks. However, the state of New Hampshire is taking steps to better help prepare teens for the road.

The Teens & Trucks Program

Authorities in New Hampshire report that up to 80 percent of fatal crashes with commercial vehicles are due to the fault of passenger car drivers. Realizing the need to educate teens about preventing commercial vehicles crashes, the state initiated the Teens & Trucks program in 2012. In the program, teens learn about a truck’s blind spots, wide turns and stopping distance requirements. It’s a hands-on learning program where teens actually get to sit in a commercial vehicle to experience things from the truck driver’s view. The program is funded by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, and has been added as a module to driver education classes in the state of New Hampshire. continue reading…

Why the Ford Edge is worth the price tag

Image via Flickr by GabboT

In the increasingly competitive crossover market, old indicators like price don’t tell the whole story. There are more expensive crossovers that are getting left in the dust, just as there are more affordable models that offer a lot of excellent upgrades from previous years. The 2015 Ford Edge is the case in point, packing a lot of brains and power in a sleek design for a price that’s lower than many competitors, but fair for all of its new features.

Smart Safety

Some ultra-modern safety features have been standard in luxury vehicles for years, but crossovers like the Edge prove that there’s plenty of tech injected into more economical cars. The Edge sports safety upgrades like park assist and collision warning, quickly setting a new standard in the safety field. It also features cutting-edge safety innovations like inflatable seatbelts for second-row passengers, proven to significantly reduce the likelihood of injury in a frontal collision. continue reading…

Teens feel like they’re invincible, which is why they’re more likely than other age groups to engage in risky driving behavior. They are also most likely to get into car accidents. As a parent, you do the best you can to instill safe driving habits in your teens. However, you can’t force them to drive safely when you’re not with them. Or can you? There’s actually more you can do than you might imagine. Here are four ways to make sure your teen is driving safely.

1. Make Sure They Only Drive in Mid-Sized Cars

Image via Flickr by State Farm

Image via Flickr by State Farm

You can control the type of car your teen drives, and mid-sized cars are the safest. These cars are small enough to allow your teen to maneuver around easily (such as out of potential accident sites), while also being large enough to protect them if they do crash. Look for mid-sized cars with anti-lock brakes, small engines, and as many safety features as possible. continue reading…

Rochester Driving - Granite Ford

Image via Flickr by Joe Shlabotnik

Rochester, New Hampshire is not the most exciting place in the world, but it is a great place to live. One of the things that makes it a great place to live is all of the fun and exciting attractions that are within driving distance. Pack up the car, turn up the music, and head out to see the cool things that New Hampshire has to offer.

1. Mount Washington Auto Road

New Hampshire is home to the highest peak in New England, Mount Washington. You can get to the road that leads up 6,288 feet from Rochester in a little under 2 hours (80 miles). You can drive to the top and practically kiss the sky – it’s way up there! They offer guided tours and historical information as well; it will fascinate children and adults alike.

Remember to bring a camera; you’re going to want to bring back pictures to help you describe the magnificent scenery. During the winter, you can board Mount Washington’s Snow Coach for breathtaking views and a memorable family vacation.

2. Isles of Shoals

Just over 28 miles from Rochester on the New Hampshire and Maine borders are a group of islands in the Atlantic called the Shoals. Guided tours are offered which can take you and the family for an unforgettable experience. The M/V Thomas Laighton offers a unique cruise up through the Piscataqua River and through the Portsmouth Harbor. They put on a spectacular show and provide fun activities for the children. This little trip through a beautiful area is an excellent way to bond with the family.

continue reading…